Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm in London!

Yeap, I'm in London now. Been here for the past 2 months or so. Its a pretty nice place, everything's expensive, weather's cool(until about 1 week ago where it started to freeze), schedule is alright. Its been pretty awesome here, my new friends make it pretty fun. Hmm, kinda lazy to type so i think i'll just post lots of pics :)

I think everbody looks a little weird in this photo coz we just came :S

Yup, its a Proton. And Cheryl eats ice cream faster than me.

Amazing how everybody is so recognisable in masks yet nobody knew Zorro's identity.

Actually i can't remember what we were doing at Hyde Park but who cares.

We ALMOST caused the table+bench=Tablench to break >_< On board the super windy ferry to Belgium.

Returning from Belgium, with an even nicer ferry :)

We were sitting right there playing lame iq games -.-''

Me the Man Ass and Me do the Shagging.