Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun with result slips

I was happily sleeping on Thursday morning as I was on holiday when i was rudely awakened earlier than i wanted to wake up by a call from Wee Sim. He told me the exam results were coming out at 2pm, when it was supposed to be released today (Saturday). So i went to college to collect my results on Thursday and here it is.

The results slip is really quite nice, has one of those cool patterns you could draw with those weird twirly stencils which they gave free last time when you bought Kraft cheese in the background. Hmm, i remember drawing those patterns using Turtle in computer class in WMS too ^_^
One thing about the results slip you can notice is that it is self-contradicting. At the top you can see it is a GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION while at the bottom, they say "THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT A CERTIFICATE". Damned indecisive Brits ~_~
The most awesome thing about the results slip is the HEAT SENSITIVE SPOT at the top right of the slip. It is just so cool and i can't imagine a single student who got his/her results slip and did not play with it for at least 5 seconds. Here's how it works.

In an air conditioned room, the spot will be pink in colour. When you begin to raise it's temperature with a source of substantial heat (like that thumb), the spot turns colourless! OMGWTFHAXX! Anybody who went further than just playing with the spot and actually discovered the science behind it please let me know :)
The results slip apparently has some security features which prevents it from being replicated and the "Thermochromic Spot" is one of them. There is also a "Copyvoid" in the background where the word Copy will appear when it is photostated. Even the pattern at the back is a security feature. Dammit this is one hell of a cool results slip. Read more about it here although not all applies to the results slip

For anybody who watched the slam dunk anime series, this is bound to make you giggle :)