Friday, January 27, 2006

A merry chinese new year

I did the right move when i delegated most of the Pre-U duties to the other commitee members. It enabled me to have carefree Chinese New Year. I spent the first few days in Johor before i went to Seremban. My phone saved me cause it was really boring in Johor and i occupied my time by messaging and stuff.
After i got back to KL, went for some massive PaiLin roundings. Managed to collect 60 bucks worth of ang pau in 1 day =). I basically spent most of the holidays out pailining and gambling >.< It seems to be a lucky year as things are going well for me. Always seem to win money when gambling =).
Gonna have to get ready for some massive workload when college starts again. Hope I'll be able to cope with the editorial board work as well as the Pre-U work work :*(

For people who needs help with English, please proceed here and here. It'll help you tremendously, i promise :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

After it all the holidays are over...the exams started...and now they're over
that's a brief outline of what happened since my last post.

I downloaded and watched this really awesome jap drama called Densha Otoku which is all about a geek trying to court a really sweet looking girl. Really...she's like an angel in the series. Anyone interested can message me for link to download via bittorrent =)

As for today, it's quite an enjoyable day, one of the more enjoyable days in quite a while. The early morning ragging of the new students involved water...lots and lots of it. I really like the juniors as they're all really friendly, sporting and basically just fun people. I'm still having trouble with some of their names though.

Later on, I had to go to Wesley Methodist with Jit Ern to help out in the college's promotion. I had to talk to the Form 5 students and give them a clear picture of what MCKL is all about. Well, I really like MCKL so I put lots of enthusiasm into it and they seemed rather convinced by my little talk. After that, I stayed on as I wanted to chat with some teachers. Only Ms. Leong and Zabedah were free so we had lunch together and had a nice chat.

When I got back to MCKL, all my classes were already over but i decided to stay a while and hang out at the lounge. All the juniors were free now and basically hanging out and i got the chance to mix with them. I spent roughly 2 hours chatting with them all, and ragging them a bit as well. I also got to know this sweet looking girl better thanks to Keng Ping and her awesome interrogating skills.

I got home later in the evening and there was a UCAS letter waiting for me. It was an offer from Imperial College! I was happy cause i was telling Ms Leong and Zabedah about it, and they said they'll pray hard i'm gonna get the offer from Imperial. So that makes 6/6 unis which i recieved an offer from =D.

Since you were so nice to read this long long post, here's a stupid video which i find hillarious