Sunday, February 26, 2006


I suffered a really serious back sprain on Wednesday while playing ping pong, serious up till the point where i couldn't walk on my own. I had to have Ian support me all the way to the car while Grace carried my stuff. So i finally made it home where i took a nap hoping it'll get better. But when i woke up, it was hell as i couldn't even get up from bed on my own. So my mum took me to a Chinese chiropracter (a licensed one with a cert) nearby.
The treatment started out pretty okay, he gave me some chinese medicine which relieved the pain as well as increased my blood circulation. He then had me lie on my front and had a heat lamp above my lower back. After that...he went on to put 2 needles on each of my hands! Forget all you've ever heard about acupuncture being painless cause it was pain as hell. What's worse, after he removed the needles, i actually blacked out while walking out. My eyes couldn't see a thing (only "stars") and my mum said my face was totally pale. The doctor quickly came and had me lie down and life soon returned to my face. When i came to, i was sweating furiously and felt kinda disorientated but things began to make sense. The doctor said my back would feel much better the next day and sure enough, it did. I even went to college the day after although my back still hurt a little (for various reasons i'm not about to disclose).
My back is much better now for those who wanna know, but i still can't bowl or play basketball anytime soon :)

Monk's Mind Game helped to keep my mind away from the pain in my back. Samorost 2 is just good stuff too =D


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