Friday, January 27, 2006

A merry chinese new year

I did the right move when i delegated most of the Pre-U duties to the other commitee members. It enabled me to have carefree Chinese New Year. I spent the first few days in Johor before i went to Seremban. My phone saved me cause it was really boring in Johor and i occupied my time by messaging and stuff.
After i got back to KL, went for some massive PaiLin roundings. Managed to collect 60 bucks worth of ang pau in 1 day =). I basically spent most of the holidays out pailining and gambling >.< It seems to be a lucky year as things are going well for me. Always seem to win money when gambling =).
Gonna have to get ready for some massive workload when college starts again. Hope I'll be able to cope with the editorial board work as well as the Pre-U work work :*(

For people who needs help with English, please proceed here and here. It'll help you tremendously, i promise :)


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