Monday, November 28, 2005

Mother Tongue

I've been telling myself to go for Mandarin classes since form 4, and up till now i still haven't gone to any. Well i did go for a test class with Rachel (Soh) but found it too advanced for me. So now I'm determined to go for Mandarin class at YMCA in December. But then again, there's been talk about having a holiday trip to Setiawan in December too, so i dunno how this is gonna turn out =S.

1337speak has been quite an interesting part of online culture. It's actually Leetspeak and it means elite speak and was used by hackers and online gamers. It's really grown and evolved into it's very own language with punctuations and grammar as you can see here. The awesome thing about 1337speak is that it can be translated into various forms. For example, "I am the alpha and the omega" can be translated as
1) i 4m t3H 4LPhA 4nD TEh 0meG4
2) i 4M ThE 4lPH4 4Nd +h3 OME94
3) I @M t3h AlPH4 4Nd ThE 0M3G@
4) 1 |\/| 7eH 4LPh4 4|\|d 7eh 0|\/|eG4
and so on and so forth. Here's a tool you can use so you can diss people off in 1337speak.
But for general knowledge, all you need to know is "Y(_)(_)Y(_)(_) pWnz j00" which means YuuYuu owns you which means YuuYuu is better than you ^6^

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The dance competition is finally over. As you can see in the pic, i didn't have to wear tight fitting clothes which make me look gay. After all that time spent on practicing, I managed to collect a medal. Here are the results:
Beginners Open Category - Didn't make it into the finals
Inter-College Category - 5th place/4th Runner up
I know the results aren't really that great, but it's really a great experience joining a dance competition like this. I also met some really awesome people at the Dance studio, both adults and kids. I'll really miss them since i won't be going to the studio to practice. I probably won't be going on competing in dance competitions as i feel that it really isn't my thing. But casual dancing is still fun as hell, so i'll continue taking the classes at HELP.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And so it begins

Competition day is tomorrow. Hope I don't get too nervous and "dance like shit" as William says. I've been practicing really hard to the extent that i have no time to blog! I'll get back to regular blogging once this is over.
Also, it seems there's an error with the online UCAS application where anyone choosing Citizen of Malaysia as their nationality will be labelled as Citizen of Madagascar. I found out about this the day after i sent my UCAS. I never watched the movie and i don't know where Madagascar is. So now i'm a citizen of a place i never knew existed as a country. Excellent isn't it?

I might not know much about Madagascar, but i certainly know a lot about Kenya.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Why I like exams

Before you start thinking "omgwtfbbq, jee wayn nerd!", exams are a really nice time. This is true especially for those long major exams like SPM and A Levels Examination. Here are my reasons:
1) The exam usually spans over a period of about 1 month. On most of the days you have no college/school
2) Throughout the exam period you have no homework
3) When you have exams, it will be at most 2 papers for the day. This means you can probably go later and return home earlier than usual
But no matter how awesome I describe exams to be, holidays are still the best. Speaking of which, i heard HELP's holidays only starts in the third week of December. Finally MCKL has a longer holiday than HELP >_<.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Currently current

Currently Playing
Rakion Online - An awesome online action game which can really eat away hours of your time.
Burnout Revenge - A superb sequel to a superb racing game. Can unleash all my anger in this game.
FIFA 2005 - I'm not really into soccer games, but i play this in college through the network with my college mates and lecturer.
DotA - Everybody knows about the DotA craze, so no need any explanation here. I only play on Blueserver though.

Currently Listening
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - An awesome techno song with really addictive beats. I discovered it through the flash in the link.
Michael Buble - Sway - This is such a nice song to Cha Cha to. It's also nice to listen to of course. By the way, Buble is pronounced as Boo-bleh which i find amusing