Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So I lied...

Yeah, just by scrolling down a bit you can see my previous post which says i'll be blogging regularly. A closer look at the date shows that it was 3 weeks ago. I swear that i DID intend to do quite a bit of blogging during this month. And along came Maple Story. Most of my holidays have been wasted on Maple Story, a 2d Side-scrolling MMORPG which i played last year during SPM and stopped for almost a year. To tell you the truth, the only reason i'm blogging now is because the server is down... Anyways i met this guy Kit in the game, and found out that he was from VI and played carrom in the resource centre games. Then he told me he played against WMS in the mixed doubles which means he played against Gavin and Mun Ling XD. Bloody small world.

The real reason why i didn't blog much is cause most of my time was spent playing Maple Story that i didn't do much surfing. Today while the server was down, i found this awesome site which had the most interesting flash games i've come across. Most of the games require you to choose the correct order of items to use/paths to take in order for events to occur. You'll really feel satisfied once you find the correct pattern. The hammer game is also really fun.


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