Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Nope, i'm not talking about the recent earthquakes in Pakistan. I'm talking about the awesome ice cream bowl called Giant Earthquake in Swensons. I went to Swensons in SS2 earlier to celebrate Voon Chee's birthday as Swensons has a special promo on Tuesdays. 1 bowl costs RM28 but it's really nice if you choose the right flavours (i.e. not pistachio)

I had a good time catching up with Zhen Hong, Darren and Voon Chee. Even got to enjoy Darren's brilliant driving skills (understandable la, he drives a big car). Voon Chee ended up paying the bill =.='' but in return we three became his driver tonight. It's a pity Gavin is in Australia and couldn't join us. Must go again when he comes back ^^


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