Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I was quite fascinated by ambigrams when i read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (which is a good book you should read). So one day during Malaysian Studies class, i played around and managed to design an ambigram of my name. It's quite an achievement for me since it's not an easy task, and the ambigram turned out quite nice. It reads my name both upside down and right side up. The fact that Cheng did an ambigram herself resulting in something not so ambigramish made me proud :D.

Also, check out John Langdon's site. He's the one who did the Angels and Demons ambigrams (and here i thought they were authenthic >.<) I wonder if the fact that the main character in the book has the same last name as the illustrator of the ambigrams is just a mere coincidence


Blogger nagfa said...

Hi there orang Malaysia (orang Singapura di sini),

I share your interest too - ambigram - and i have to say that that was a good attempt indeed! The idea is there, the formula (methods in making the rotation work) is definitely there, too. The next thing is to choose a suitable font/typography to 'memperkemaskan' your design..

As for Cheng, hehe, not eveyone can 'see' the formulae..

for more ambigram examples:

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