Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm in London!

Yeap, I'm in London now. Been here for the past 2 months or so. Its a pretty nice place, everything's expensive, weather's cool(until about 1 week ago where it started to freeze), schedule is alright. Its been pretty awesome here, my new friends make it pretty fun. Hmm, kinda lazy to type so i think i'll just post lots of pics :)

I think everbody looks a little weird in this photo coz we just came :S

Yup, its a Proton. And Cheryl eats ice cream faster than me.

Amazing how everybody is so recognisable in masks yet nobody knew Zorro's identity.

Actually i can't remember what we were doing at Hyde Park but who cares.

We ALMOST caused the table+bench=Tablench to break >_< On board the super windy ferry to Belgium.

Returning from Belgium, with an even nicer ferry :)

We were sitting right there playing lame iq games -.-''

Me the Man Ass and Me do the Shagging.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Super- Lazy Man!!!

Yeah i know, i'm super lazy. Heck it, that's how i am =(. It's come to my attention that some people are thoroughly dissappointed when they come to my blog only to find it not updated (okla, only wei lun actually)
I'm finally updating but only with an effortless short post. Found this flash which really moved me, so just wanna share it. It's called "Her and Mine 1001 Wishes". Yeah, even the title is grammatically incorrect but think the authour is chinese, which would make sense since a mandarin song was used. Just watch it and you'll know why it moved me

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun with result slips

I was happily sleeping on Thursday morning as I was on holiday when i was rudely awakened earlier than i wanted to wake up by a call from Wee Sim. He told me the exam results were coming out at 2pm, when it was supposed to be released today (Saturday). So i went to college to collect my results on Thursday and here it is.

The results slip is really quite nice, has one of those cool patterns you could draw with those weird twirly stencils which they gave free last time when you bought Kraft cheese in the background. Hmm, i remember drawing those patterns using Turtle in computer class in WMS too ^_^
One thing about the results slip you can notice is that it is self-contradicting. At the top you can see it is a GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION while at the bottom, they say "THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT A CERTIFICATE". Damned indecisive Brits ~_~
The most awesome thing about the results slip is the HEAT SENSITIVE SPOT at the top right of the slip. It is just so cool and i can't imagine a single student who got his/her results slip and did not play with it for at least 5 seconds. Here's how it works.

In an air conditioned room, the spot will be pink in colour. When you begin to raise it's temperature with a source of substantial heat (like that thumb), the spot turns colourless! OMGWTFHAXX! Anybody who went further than just playing with the spot and actually discovered the science behind it please let me know :)
The results slip apparently has some security features which prevents it from being replicated and the "Thermochromic Spot" is one of them. There is also a "Copyvoid" in the background where the word Copy will appear when it is photostated. Even the pattern at the back is a security feature. Dammit this is one hell of a cool results slip. Read more about it here although not all applies to the results slip

For anybody who watched the slam dunk anime series, this is bound to make you giggle :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I suffered a really serious back sprain on Wednesday while playing ping pong, serious up till the point where i couldn't walk on my own. I had to have Ian support me all the way to the car while Grace carried my stuff. So i finally made it home where i took a nap hoping it'll get better. But when i woke up, it was hell as i couldn't even get up from bed on my own. So my mum took me to a Chinese chiropracter (a licensed one with a cert) nearby.
The treatment started out pretty okay, he gave me some chinese medicine which relieved the pain as well as increased my blood circulation. He then had me lie on my front and had a heat lamp above my lower back. After that...he went on to put 2 needles on each of my hands! Forget all you've ever heard about acupuncture being painless cause it was pain as hell. What's worse, after he removed the needles, i actually blacked out while walking out. My eyes couldn't see a thing (only "stars") and my mum said my face was totally pale. The doctor quickly came and had me lie down and life soon returned to my face. When i came to, i was sweating furiously and felt kinda disorientated but things began to make sense. The doctor said my back would feel much better the next day and sure enough, it did. I even went to college the day after although my back still hurt a little (for various reasons i'm not about to disclose).
My back is much better now for those who wanna know, but i still can't bowl or play basketball anytime soon :)

Monk's Mind Game helped to keep my mind away from the pain in my back. Samorost 2 is just good stuff too =D

Friday, January 27, 2006

A merry chinese new year

I did the right move when i delegated most of the Pre-U duties to the other commitee members. It enabled me to have carefree Chinese New Year. I spent the first few days in Johor before i went to Seremban. My phone saved me cause it was really boring in Johor and i occupied my time by messaging and stuff.
After i got back to KL, went for some massive PaiLin roundings. Managed to collect 60 bucks worth of ang pau in 1 day =). I basically spent most of the holidays out pailining and gambling >.< It seems to be a lucky year as things are going well for me. Always seem to win money when gambling =).
Gonna have to get ready for some massive workload when college starts again. Hope I'll be able to cope with the editorial board work as well as the Pre-U work work :*(

For people who needs help with English, please proceed here and here. It'll help you tremendously, i promise :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

After it all the holidays are over...the exams started...and now they're over
that's a brief outline of what happened since my last post.

I downloaded and watched this really awesome jap drama called Densha Otoku which is all about a geek trying to court a really sweet looking girl. Really...she's like an angel in the series. Anyone interested can message me for link to download via bittorrent =)

As for today, it's quite an enjoyable day, one of the more enjoyable days in quite a while. The early morning ragging of the new students involved water...lots and lots of it. I really like the juniors as they're all really friendly, sporting and basically just fun people. I'm still having trouble with some of their names though.

Later on, I had to go to Wesley Methodist with Jit Ern to help out in the college's promotion. I had to talk to the Form 5 students and give them a clear picture of what MCKL is all about. Well, I really like MCKL so I put lots of enthusiasm into it and they seemed rather convinced by my little talk. After that, I stayed on as I wanted to chat with some teachers. Only Ms. Leong and Zabedah were free so we had lunch together and had a nice chat.

When I got back to MCKL, all my classes were already over but i decided to stay a while and hang out at the lounge. All the juniors were free now and basically hanging out and i got the chance to mix with them. I spent roughly 2 hours chatting with them all, and ragging them a bit as well. I also got to know this sweet looking girl better thanks to Keng Ping and her awesome interrogating skills.

I got home later in the evening and there was a UCAS letter waiting for me. It was an offer from Imperial College! I was happy cause i was telling Ms Leong and Zabedah about it, and they said they'll pray hard i'm gonna get the offer from Imperial. So that makes 6/6 unis which i recieved an offer from =D.

Since you were so nice to read this long long post, here's a stupid video which i find hillarious

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So I lied...

Yeah, just by scrolling down a bit you can see my previous post which says i'll be blogging regularly. A closer look at the date shows that it was 3 weeks ago. I swear that i DID intend to do quite a bit of blogging during this month. And along came Maple Story. Most of my holidays have been wasted on Maple Story, a 2d Side-scrolling MMORPG which i played last year during SPM and stopped for almost a year. To tell you the truth, the only reason i'm blogging now is because the server is down... Anyways i met this guy Kit in the game, and found out that he was from VI and played carrom in the resource centre games. Then he told me he played against WMS in the mixed doubles which means he played against Gavin and Mun Ling XD. Bloody small world.

The real reason why i didn't blog much is cause most of my time was spent playing Maple Story that i didn't do much surfing. Today while the server was down, i found this awesome site which had the most interesting flash games i've come across. Most of the games require you to choose the correct order of items to use/paths to take in order for events to occur. You'll really feel satisfied once you find the correct pattern. The hammer game is also really fun.

Friday, December 02, 2005


So the holidays are finally here. The first two days have been horrible cause i was and still is suffering from indigestion (i think). Somehow my body is able to choose when to be sick, and it always chooses to be sick during holidays. Hope i get well soon so that my holidays can get off to a kick start, nescafe style.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mother Tongue

I've been telling myself to go for Mandarin classes since form 4, and up till now i still haven't gone to any. Well i did go for a test class with Rachel (Soh) but found it too advanced for me. So now I'm determined to go for Mandarin class at YMCA in December. But then again, there's been talk about having a holiday trip to Setiawan in December too, so i dunno how this is gonna turn out =S.

1337speak has been quite an interesting part of online culture. It's actually Leetspeak and it means elite speak and was used by hackers and online gamers. It's really grown and evolved into it's very own language with punctuations and grammar as you can see here. The awesome thing about 1337speak is that it can be translated into various forms. For example, "I am the alpha and the omega" can be translated as
1) i 4m t3H 4LPhA 4nD TEh 0meG4
2) i 4M ThE 4lPH4 4Nd +h3 OME94
3) I @M t3h AlPH4 4Nd ThE 0M3G@
4) 1 |\/| 7eH 4LPh4 4|\|d 7eh 0|\/|eG4
and so on and so forth. Here's a tool you can use so you can diss people off in 1337speak.
But for general knowledge, all you need to know is "Y(_)(_)Y(_)(_) pWnz j00" which means YuuYuu owns you which means YuuYuu is better than you ^6^

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The dance competition is finally over. As you can see in the pic, i didn't have to wear tight fitting clothes which make me look gay. After all that time spent on practicing, I managed to collect a medal. Here are the results:
Beginners Open Category - Didn't make it into the finals
Inter-College Category - 5th place/4th Runner up
I know the results aren't really that great, but it's really a great experience joining a dance competition like this. I also met some really awesome people at the Dance studio, both adults and kids. I'll really miss them since i won't be going to the studio to practice. I probably won't be going on competing in dance competitions as i feel that it really isn't my thing. But casual dancing is still fun as hell, so i'll continue taking the classes at HELP.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And so it begins

Competition day is tomorrow. Hope I don't get too nervous and "dance like shit" as William says. I've been practicing really hard to the extent that i have no time to blog! I'll get back to regular blogging once this is over.
Also, it seems there's an error with the online UCAS application where anyone choosing Citizen of Malaysia as their nationality will be labelled as Citizen of Madagascar. I found out about this the day after i sent my UCAS. I never watched the movie and i don't know where Madagascar is. So now i'm a citizen of a place i never knew existed as a country. Excellent isn't it?

I might not know much about Madagascar, but i certainly know a lot about Kenya.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Why I like exams

Before you start thinking "omgwtfbbq, jee wayn nerd!", exams are a really nice time. This is true especially for those long major exams like SPM and A Levels Examination. Here are my reasons:
1) The exam usually spans over a period of about 1 month. On most of the days you have no college/school
2) Throughout the exam period you have no homework
3) When you have exams, it will be at most 2 papers for the day. This means you can probably go later and return home earlier than usual
But no matter how awesome I describe exams to be, holidays are still the best. Speaking of which, i heard HELP's holidays only starts in the third week of December. Finally MCKL has a longer holiday than HELP >_<.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Currently current

Currently Playing
Rakion Online - An awesome online action game which can really eat away hours of your time.
Burnout Revenge - A superb sequel to a superb racing game. Can unleash all my anger in this game.
FIFA 2005 - I'm not really into soccer games, but i play this in college through the network with my college mates and lecturer.
DotA - Everybody knows about the DotA craze, so no need any explanation here. I only play on Blueserver though.

Currently Listening
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - An awesome techno song with really addictive beats. I discovered it through the flash in the link.
Michael Buble - Sway - This is such a nice song to Cha Cha to. It's also nice to listen to of course. By the way, Buble is pronounced as Boo-bleh which i find amusing

Monday, October 31, 2005

Dance Partner

Since not all of you know her, I'd like to introduce my dance partner Yen Jun. She's a very sweet and nice girl and I'm really glad to have a caring partner like her. We've been practicing really hard with our dances, staying back 4~5 times a week. Yea, I said danceS. We're going to do a total of three dances : Jive, Samba and Cha Cha. Hopefully we'll be able to do well during the competition, since my trials and my recent ankle sprain will probably reduce our practice hours.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I was quite fascinated by ambigrams when i read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (which is a good book you should read). So one day during Malaysian Studies class, i played around and managed to design an ambigram of my name. It's quite an achievement for me since it's not an easy task, and the ambigram turned out quite nice. It reads my name both upside down and right side up. The fact that Cheng did an ambigram herself resulting in something not so ambigramish made me proud :D.

Also, check out John Langdon's site. He's the one who did the Angels and Demons ambigrams (and here i thought they were authenthic >.<) I wonder if the fact that the main character in the book has the same last name as the illustrator of the ambigrams is just a mere coincidence

Monday, October 24, 2005

Mouse & Keyboard

How fast can you type and how well can you control your mouse? Test it all and know where you stand.

Typing Speed Test - I only managed 67 wpm with 99% accuracy
Clicking Speed Test - King of clicks!!
Mouse Control Game - If you can't win this, you either need a new mouse or a new hand

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My First Time

I just met my first accident today. Venue was at Wisma Perdana/HELP. Well, it was just a really minor accident where I reversed and bump into a saga, but it was an accident nonetheless. There were a few factors which caused the accident;
1) It was raining
2) I was sleepy
3) I was careless
So I got down from the car, inspect inspect a bit and talk to the guy (Mr Chew). He's quite a nice guy, cause I could see he was in a dilemma. I offered him RM50 but instead he wanted to take down my number and discuss it another day. Hopefully he'll just let me go since it's just a lil' scratch :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Save Petrol

Petrol is now getting increasingly expensive. So here are 12 tips on how to reduce consumption of petrol.

1) Keep your tyres pumped up
2) Drive at moderate speeds ( 50 < speed < 90 ) km/h
3) Clean the air filter regularly
4) Use thinner tires
5) Start up the car properly (warm up 30 seconds)
6) Drive in high gear (overdrive)
7) Travel light
8) Anticipate traffic ahead (reduce braking and accelerating)
9) Avoid heavy acceleration
10) Minimise aerodynamic drag
11) Do not let your engine be idle for long periods
12) Use the air-cond sparingly

Check out the explanations on how these tips can save petrol

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Grand Prix

So, Alonso wins the Chinese GP and takes the F1 Championship for 2005. Congrats to him. I'm sure all the Schumacher fans out there must be crying.

While everybody may be either celebrating or grieving about the F1 Grand Prix, I'm much more concerned about another Grand Prix. If you've read The Star today, you would've read an article about some dance competition. Well, that's the one i'm taking part in. The Malaysia International Dancesport Grand Prix Championship 2005. Hearing the name of the competition also made me sweat liao... I never knew the competition was going to be such a high profile event. So now, I'm really really nervous about it. Gonna have to practice a lot harder liao...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Flash Games I

Here are some nice flash games definitely worth checking out.

P drivers who are horrible at parking can practice now. I managed to score 330

An interesting game applying the physics of magnets. Aim is to get the ball into the bucket. This game really screws with your patience

Funky Truck
This game is just pure mindless fun. Control a 4wd truck and do tons of flips on the way to the finish line

Dance Blues

So, after two weeks of not dancing, i was back at HELP for dance classes. I asked Yen Jun to bring her camera and she did. I actually wanted to take photos to post them here but we forgot to take any photos at all =S. So...too bad lor, no photos for you all to see :P. Hopefully next week we'll remember. The dances are going relatively well i guess, as we've been practicing a bit here and there. I'm sure we'll be able to master Cha Cha, Jive and Samba in time for the competition. For those of you who wanted to come "support" me, here's bad news for you. Entrance fee to see the competition is RM50 ^^

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hottest Blogger

It's a blog about bloggers. Not just any blogger, but hot bloggers in particular. Most of the blogs get pretty good traffic.Yea, I know interesting posts are one thing, but hot bloggers tend to attract a lot more readers to their blog. It's so unfair, they just take lotsa pictures of themselves and post them and the readers come filing in like as if there's money being given away. Sadly I don't have that advantage *sniff*, but then again I'm not looking to attract more readers to my blog. I'll want that if I start putting ads :P

Anyways, give a visit. Dawn Yang all the way!


Nope, i'm not talking about the recent earthquakes in Pakistan. I'm talking about the awesome ice cream bowl called Giant Earthquake in Swensons. I went to Swensons in SS2 earlier to celebrate Voon Chee's birthday as Swensons has a special promo on Tuesdays. 1 bowl costs RM28 but it's really nice if you choose the right flavours (i.e. not pistachio)

I had a good time catching up with Zhen Hong, Darren and Voon Chee. Even got to enjoy Darren's brilliant driving skills (understandable la, he drives a big car). Voon Chee ended up paying the bill =.='' but in return we three became his driver tonight. It's a pity Gavin is in Australia and couldn't join us. Must go again when he comes back ^^

Monday, October 10, 2005

Constantly improving blog

I'm getting more familiar to the blogger interface and also recalling all yhe html i've learned before. This just means my blog will be significantly improving over time.

Also, i've added a counter and a shoutbox. Feel free to drop a comment on the shoutbox. Better still, just IM me :D

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The power of blogging

I have just witnessed just how amazing blogging actually is. Out of the blue, i did a google search on "jee wayn" just to see how unique my name actually is. The search returned only 1 result. I immediately clicked the link only to find that it leads to a livejournal blog. So i took my time to read it and found out that the blog post by Yi-Wen was actually referring to me!! I was so shocked as i could not remember anything about what the post was referring to. But after pondering it a while over dinner, i managed to recall what happened. It was then a flurry of memories came flooding my mind. It's really an awesome feeling which i admit is the result of blogging.

On a side note, i learned how unique my name truly is =D

Everything "Elsewhere"

David "Elsewhere" Bernal is a whicked sick just won't believe your eyes when you see him dance. Heck, he's even on Wikipedia! He's also kinda handsome i guess.
Check him out!

Kollaboration II (Guy in Orange)
Kollaboration IV
Slurpee Ad
Heineken Ad


Wow, i just agreed to become Yen Jun's dance partner for a contest coming up in November. Frankly, i can't imagine myself dressed in those tight and flashy dance clothes... Oh well, i'll have to try my best since i've agreed. Here's how it might look like if you can't imagine. I promise to keep you updated on how it goes :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ladder Theory

This is quite interesting to read if you have the time. Amazes me how much time people have to waste.

Don't Click It!

This website sports a no clicking interface which it claims will revolutionise web surfing. How the hell can you surf without clicking?
Go to to find out

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Maxthon is so awesome

Internet browsers to internet surfers are like aeroplanes to pilots. Without it, you just can't surf. Unfortunately, Internet explorer which comes with most PCs just plain sucks. Do a google and you'll see how many people agree. A brilliant alternative available is Maxthon.
Maxthon was orginally named IE2 because it was a very much improved version of Internet Explorer. Among it's features i like are flash save, ad and pop-up blockers, session resume and last but not least, brilliant compatibility with all sites *cough*mozilla*cough*


I never really supported blogs, and still have no idea why i started one myself. Oh well, it doesn't really matter since it's already started. I was kinda wondering what should i do with this blog. Making anybody who visits my blog read about my ever so exciting life seems like undeserving torture even for my worse enemy. So I've decided to dedicate this blog to making everybody's internet experience a better one :). Also not forgetting, bits and pieces of my life will be posted as well. I promise i'll spare you the "Today was so boring"s or "I didn't do much today"s.
Don't forget to comment :D

Monday, October 03, 2005

Ruined my day

Bah, i was really looking forward to going for dance classes this Friday...and it got ruined by a stupid test on Malaysian Studies. It's just so damn evil that Datin Nadarajah has to schedule the test at the same time =(. Hearing about the news really made me wanna smash stuff....Hulk style. In the end, i just went to eat at chilis to comfort myself. Lucky got Wee Sim to teman me, such a nice guy ;).

Here's a stupid flash for you to waste your time with, especially for you Jay Chou fans.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The beginning of an end of a beginning....

Post number 1 of my blog. I haven't really thought of a nice title yet, but asdf will do fine till then. Also, i'll change the layout when i'm free :)